COVID-19 calls for shift in operational and leadership approach

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work these days as many are struggling to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives while working remotely from their homes. Noticeably, the unprecedented work-from-home culture has resulted in people working for longer hours than before.

Evidently, it is because earlier there was a fine line between office and home according to which people used to schedule their meetings, appointments, and personal commitments. Prior to pandemic restrictions, it was easier to unplug the professional life at the end of the office day to give the rest of the day to personal life. Nowadays, from work meetings to birthday and anniversary celebrations, people are participating in social interactions through video conferencing apps such as Zoom, all thanks to the advent of the digital age.

Since working from home is here to stay in the wake of the global Coronavirus crisis, managers and team leaders are required to take efforts towards engaging, connecting, and empowering their employees and teams.

Ensure transparent Communication

This approach significantly applies to all employees irrespective of their choice to work-from-home or to return back to their workplace. It is crucial for leaders to promote transparent communication whether it is related to modifications in company policies or about any projects among team members to secure their confidence and support. While leaders may not have all answers to the questions of staff members, they can facilitate transparent communication in various ways.

Promote mental and physical well-being

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and its socio-economic impact, studies have found that thousands of people are suffering from stress and mental health disorders across the world. Therefore, it is paramount for companies to take adequate measures to that employees’ mental health is well taken care of. It is good to have remote sessions where both team members and leaders are discussing various aspects of mental and physical wellness. Mental health is a crucial issue for companies to work on in the midst of the pandemic crisis.

Create a dynamic work environment

It is not easy to keep the employees motivated and engaged in work during such difficult times. However, organizations can facilitate a practical, yet flexible work environment in which employees can work for both organizational and personal growth and development. Thinking outside the box to create a dynamic work environment will help in keeping the employees interested.

To accomplish an optimum work-life balance, employees require a shift to new and different approaches to professional work culture which can be facilitated with the efforts of ideal leadership.

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