Campaigners demand full pay for UK’s low wages workers while they are self-isolating in pandemic

The campaigners demand full pay for the UK’s low wages laborers while they are on self-quarantine so they can bear to comply with attempts to protect public health.

The Campaigners group includes the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the Bakers and Allied Food Workers Union (BFAWU), which included that they had recorded incidents in which people who were not able to survive on the salary paid while in self- isolation, and many were also compelled to resume work.

As per a Trades Union Congress (TUC), the government needs to increase sick payment rates, as more than 1.8 million people miss the compensation when they are sick. 

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the medical health benefits of self-isolating workers that abstain from spreading the disease. However amid the pandemic these people also risk their lives and also of those that are working with them, including customers as well.

The Campaigners group

The current sick pay amount of £95.85 for seven days speaks about a quarter of the minimum payment for a full-time worker aged 25 years or more. It very well could be paid for as long as 28 weeks, is only accessible to people who earn around £120 every week.

The Campaigners stated that the debilitated compensation ought to be the worker’s full pay for the initial six weeks, before returning to an improved statutory sick pay rate for the accompanying 22 weeks to assess the long recuperation times seen by some Coronavirus cases. 

The Department for Work and Pensions stated that statutory sick pay was an “imperative safety net”, including that authorities had made it payable from the very beginning for those whose ailments are related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Article Credit: The Guardian/ The Independent

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Campaigners demand full pay for UK’s low wages workers while they are self-isolating in pandemic
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Campaigners demand full pay for UK’s low wages workers while they are self-isolating in pandemic
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