International Labor Organization’s convention on child labor receives universal approval

On Tuesday, The International Labor Organization (ILO) expressed that this is the first time in history; all the 187 member states have endorsed a global convention. However, the execution of the agreement on the most exceedingly awful form of child labor has a long way to go, with 152 million kids suffering from child labor all around the world.

One of the fundamental objectives of the ILO has been to eradicate child labor completely, which was established in 1919.The UN organization foresees that around 152 million kids worldwide are influenced, with 73 million kids working in a hazardous environment. 

Most child labor happens in the horticulture sector, chiefly because of destitution and poor parents’ finding it challenging to find a good job. Convention No. 182 asks the prohibition and end child labor, which also includes forced prostitution, trafficking, and slavery. 

It prohibits the utilization of kids less than 18 years of age in prostitution, illicit activities, armed conflicts, drug trafficking, and pornography.The ILO officials stated that they fear that the coronavirus pandemic threatens to reverse the long periods of progress in child labor thus likewise disrupt the innovative ways to resolve it.

The ILO stated that the rate of child labor and its most noticeably awful practice dropped by 40 percent somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2016 as sanction rates expanded and nations embraced laws and arrangements, including identifying with least age to work.

Article Credit: ILO/ UN

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