Tampa Bay: protesters collect to spread light on Human Rights abuse in Ethiopia

On Monday morning, Tampa’s Ethiopian community gathered to protest in downtown, waving American and Ethiopian flags at Tampa bay to throw light on the human rights in Ethiopia. 

The organizer Emmanuel Bedaso stated, “We are here in Tampa Bay express solidarity with people back home.” Demonstrators all through Tampa Bay are determined that regular march is needed to bring out awareness over inequality and injustice in the nation, Bayews9 reported.

100 days after people in Tampa Bay joined many in protest against police brutality and bigotry in the wake of George Floyd’s killing; organizers in Ethiopia are trying to find ways to continue the movement against bigotry.

Tampa community organizer Jae Passmore told the Tampa Bay Times that the significant part to protest denotes the most evident mode of support, it’s just 2 percent of the work.

“And we’ve had the option to channel peoples’ frustration, anger, and eagerness to discover other forms of protest.”

Tampa community organizer Jae Passmore

As per the Tampa Bay Times, there have been various occurrences of car nosing around dissenters, to disrupt the peaceful protest march. The organizer, Passmore was hospitalized with injured leg and pelvis when a pickup truck hit her in Hyde Park. 

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor applauded protesters for bringing up the issues to light. However, she added the time has passed for yelling on the streets. 

However, there have been incidences of violence between police and protesters, initially in the initial weeks, but lately, people are peacefully protesting. The Tampa community desires to urge American leaders to press on the Ethiopian government to demand reform in there nation.

Article Credit: Tampa Bay TimesBayews9

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