Human Outrage On The Streets Of Iran

There is public outrage in Iranian streets once again as a Ukrainian plane was accidentally shot down by the Iranian military itself. While the military accepted their mistake, the government took three days to admit it was their mistake. Meanwhile social media has been burning with messages of public outrage.

Human right violations are being covered up. But social media is spilling the beans.

Some video grabs have show violence being meted on the civilian protestors. Posted late on Sunday, these videos have recorded gunshots in the vicinity of protests in Tehran’s Azadi Square. Footage also shows blood on the ground, wounded being carried and people who seemed to be security personnel running with rifles. Other posts showed riot police hitting protesters with batons as people nearby shouted “Don’t beat them!”

Washington has taken the right moment to hit where it will hurt what is left of the Iranian sensibilities. Trump wrote out a tweet, “Don’t kill your protestors,” to which the Iranian government protested vehemently. But the streets have been burning with the following slogans- “Death to the dictator.” This kind of footage is circulating on social media and shows protesters shouting, directing their fury at Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Another group is seen shouting outside the Tehran university, “They are lying that our enemy is America, our enemy is right here.”

Iranian authorities killed hundreds of protesters in November in what appears to have been the bloodiest crackdown on anti-government unrest since the 1979 revolution. In Iraq and Lebanon, governments that include Iran-backed armed groups have also faced months of hostile mass demonstrations.

Iran was severely criticized then and had to restore the Internet blockade that led to a two-week of no access to social media in an attempt to cut down civilian access to the outside world.

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