Sri Lankan expatriates infected with Covid-19 are thrice the number of local cases

Sri Lanka’s Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi stated that around 1000 migrant workers are tainted with Covid-19 who had returned from abroad, and are undergoing treatment in hospitals or quarantine centers. The coronavirus positive cases in returnee are more than the local cases in the country. 

around 466 people who returned from Kuwait were tested positive of coronavirus. Including, 150 of the 270 returnees from Qatar have also been tested positive,

Sri Lanka’s Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi

As per the latest reports, 42,522 Sri Lankans from 123 nations are awaited to return.

More than 50,000 migrant workers in Gulf nations are eagerly waiting to return to Sri Lanka amid the coronavirus crisis and jobless situation or pay cuts. Nearly 1.7 million Sri Lankans work abroad and majority are women who are employed as domestic workers or child governesses in households.

As per the Health Promotion Bureau, the number of positive coronavirus cases remains at 1,633, while 74 is undergoing hospital treatment. As per reports, ten people have died, and 801 cases have recovered, Daily Mirror reported.

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLFEB) has stated following the mediation by the Sri Lankan government that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government had consented to help expand the visas of Sri Lankan workers.

It also stated that there are a great many Sri Lankans whose visas have terminated, without occupations and homes due to the pandemic. Officials stated, we are continuing talks with various nations to help Sri Lankan workers in light of the pandemic crisis.

The SLFEB with support of community organizations abroad has helped in providing 15,000 Sri Lankan migrants with dry ration and medical kits. We are likewise putting forth attempts to negotiate with companies in individual nations not to lay off Sri Lankan workers amid coronavirus pandemic, authorities added.

Article creditDaily Mirror/ Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

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